How do I sign up as a Coverage Attorney?

Simply fill out the questionnaire on the WE CAN COVER website and start receiving contract job requests in as little as one day.


Can I accept more than one hearing request in a single day?

Yes! When a contract job request is sent out, the first Coverage Attorney to respond gets the job. There is no limit to the number of requests a Coverage Attorney may accept. However, no two contract jobs may be scheduled for the same time. It is imperative that each Coverage Attorney reserves sufficient time between contract jobs to complete each assignment fully and professionally.


How will I know where the courthouse is and which courtroom to go to?

Each email request from WE CAN COVER to potential Coverage Attorneys includes the basic information describing the hearing. The email includes the date and time of the hearing, the address of the courthouse, and a map pointing to the exact location. If the email does not include a courtroom assignment, then it is the Coverage Attorney’s responsibility to use the resources of the courthouse to find the courtroom assignment.


How much will I be paid?

The fee for each assignment will be posted on the contract job request email. The fee will vary with each request. Some factors which help to determine the fee are the complexity of the material, estimated time to complete the assignment, and jurisdiction.


How do I get paid?

When you register with WE CAN COVER, you will have the option to choose how to be paid. We offer a variety of payment methods including online money transfer systems and direct deposit. Payment for all work done in a month will be made by the 15th of the subsequent month.


Will I be notified if a contract job I have accepted is cancelled?

Yes. A Requesting Attorney may cancel the contract job request no less than three hours prior to the scheduled hearing time. If the contract job is cancelled, then the Coverage Attorney will receive an email notification that the hearing is cancelled.