Contracts and Pleadings

WE CAN COVER your contracts and pleading needs.  Are you drafting a contract, brief, or other pleading - WE CAN COVER!  Our network of attorneys are licensed, vetted, and fully capable to assist lawyers on a contract basis.


WE CAN COVER basic and complex research needs.  Our network of attorneys can research cases, statutes, regulations, and more for an affordable and easy to process fee.


WE CAN COVER your hearing needs.  State and Federal court hearings, appearances, depositions, mediations, and more!


WE CAN COVER connects lawyers with lawyers.  WE CAN COVER is not a law firm nor does it offer legal advice or services.  WE CAN COVER helps connect contract minded lawyers with opportunities to use their skills to assist other lawyers and law firms.


Contract minded lawyers ("Coverage Attorneys") register here to be added to a database of attorneys.  Coverage Attorneys are then sorted by skill level, practice area, location, malpractice coverage, and court admissions (state, federal, administrative, etc.).

When WE CAN COVER receives a contract job request from a law firm or attorney ("Requesting Attorneys") then WE CAN COVER sends an email to all Coverage Attorneys that meet the Requesting Attorney's criteria.  The first Coverage Attorney to respond wins the bid.

WE CAN COVER is strictly an attorney to attorney service and any marketing material, or information on this website, should not be construed as advertising to the public or an offer to provide legal service professionals to the public.


Next Steps...

Register today to become a Coverage Attorney and be added to our attorney database.  There is no obligation to accept a job request and you will see the work in real time!